Need prayer for viable employment.

I am a 50 year old married man with a slight case of Cerebral Palsy. Until February of 2012 I was employed at a private college overseeing there library mainly in the afternoon and evenings(This was a part-time job of about 30 hours a week). Then because of lower student enrollment and the current economy many of us were laid off. About the time that I was laid off my wife and I found out we were expecting a baby who is due in about 3 weeks. Also about that time, the Social Security Administration contacted me to let me know that I no longer qualified to receive the small stipend that I had been receiving and also hit me with an $8,900 overpayment. My wife just recently went on her protected unpaid leave. Leaving us to survive for now on the $564 I clear on unemployment.
So I am asking all who read this to keep us in constant prayer. I have to admit I'm very scared because at this time I need an adequate means of supporting my family, and a way also of clearing the $8,900 debt and the $2400 debt we will owe the hospital after the baby has been born. Thank you all and may God bless.


Beta Tester
I'm praying also.