New Module: Holy Types: The Gospel In Leviticus by Joseph Seiss (1823-1904)


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This SwordSearcher module is the complete book "Holy Types: The Gospel In Leviticus" by Joseph Seiss (1823-1904). This module contains over 350 pages and 21 Lectures by Seiss.

The author, Joseph Augustus Seiss (1823–1904) was an American theologian and Lutheran minister. Seiss published more than a hundred works during his lifetime. This book is an exposition of the Levitical ceremonies, with their typical import and relations, covers a field comparatively unoccupied. The design of the author has been, in a connected way, to trace the features of the Gospel, and the method of salvation in Christ Jesus, as given in the ancient rites fifteen hundred years before the Savior came; and thus to develop not only an interesting illustration of the plan of grace from figures of God's own choosing, but also an argument for the inspiration of the Scriptures and the Divinity of the Christian system.