New Module: The Seven Words From The Cross by W. Robertson Nicoll (1851-1923)


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In This SwordSearcher Module "The Seven Words from the Cross," W. Nicoll offers his expository view on Jesus's last words before his death and resurrection. In order to help us understand the passion of Christ, he explains the Seven Words from the Cross by the following Sermons included in this small book:
  • Our Lord's Knowledge of Sin
  • Our Lord's Knowledge of Redemption
  • Our Lord's Knowledge of Bereavement
  • Ignorant on the Cross
  • Our Lord's Knowledge of Holy Scripture
  • Our Lord's Knowledge of the Divine Order
  • Our Lord's Knowledge of the Father
Sir William Robertson Nicoll was an ordained minister of the Free Church at Dufftown, Banffshire. In 1886 he moved south to London and began his editorship of The Expositor and the British Weekly, posts which he held for the rest of his life. He made the British Weekly widely influential, published several religious and secular books, was knighted in 1909, and was made a companion of honor (a prestigious order) two years before his death in 1923. Nicoll was a prolific editor of expository works and left behind a literary legacy that has placed all preachers in his debt. This scholar is rightly remembered for such works as The Expositor's Bible,The Expositor's Dictionary of Texts, The Sermon Bible, and the Expositor's Greek Testament, all of which he edited.