Is it possible to save a word/topic search for future reference? For example, if I do a search for Wise Wisdom Wisely Wiser, and wish to read each verse that those words appear in, obviously, that would take more time than just one sitting would allow. I would like to save that search and where I left off, so I can pick up and continue later. Is there a bookmark, or something else I could create for this type of study?

I'm new to this program so I'm not very familiar with the capabilities. I've searched in the Help Menu to no avail.
Or is there something else I could create within the program to set up an ongoing study for these words? Somewhere else besides the Search function?

Brandon Staggs

Staff member
There isn't a way to bookmark a position in a search result, but you can do so in a book entry. So my suggestion would be to create a user book for things like this (see this video on creating user modules) and for a large search like this that you know you want to explore over several sessions, you could just copy all of the verses from the verse list into an entry in the book. From there you can use the bookmark system to keep your spot.

The verse list from a search result has a toolbar button for copying all of the verses to the clipboard. You could use that and then paste it into a book entry.