Odd problem


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In case any of you ever have this weird problem:
Well, I sure had a strange computer problem tonight. I laid something on my keyboard and when I tried to get back on my computer, suddenly everything on the screen was upside down. Everything I tried to find concerning the problem I had to read upside down & mouse movements were entirely opposite of normal. I never pulled out all my hair, but it turned gray in a short while I suppose - afraid to look in the mirror to see.
:) I finally wised up a smidge and I turned the monitor upside down and went to the internet to do a search and got the answer. I read to hit CTRL/Alt and then the down arrow key to flip the screen. I guess since it was already upside down, that did not work. In desperation, I hit the up arrow key. That worked. My next problem was to turn the monitor right side up again. My computer is a Dell but I got the idea from the search that this problem is possible for other computers. duh!


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Wow. I ain't no expert, but never had that happen. That would be weird to have happen, and I suppose a bit flustering. Glad you got it all right side up.

Johnny NL

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Maybe your keyboard got the covid-19.....lolllll


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Glad you got that sorted out and shared it with us Regie, I'll certainly know what to do now if that EVER happened to me!!! Thanks for saving me some hair pulling moments 😊;)