One Hundred Bible Lessons (Alban Douglas)

Brandon, I submitted a user module of Alban Douglas' bible lessons... I saw several instances of it on the internet in html and pdf formats but in light of the fact that it's also for sale on Amazon I'm not sure of the legalities of sharing it. I hope I can share it with the community but again, in retrospect I'm not sure.
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Brandon Staggs

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Brandon Staggs

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Thanks Brandon, please remove the module I uploaded and accept my apology for the inconvenience I've caused.
Thank you.
No inconvenience at all. Thanks!


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I saw a report about a "flood" of newly released previous copyright titles entering into the public domain. The micky mouse 20 year hold extension imposed by S. Bono legislation expired this year. Here is a random article i just quick grabbed so I have something for you to at least go from to look at about this. No affiliation not a recommendation for the site. Watch out for ads and trackers and all that stuff disclaimer...