Video Open a clone Bible panel for a verse with just one click

Brandon Staggs

Staff member
The Layout Customization Video shows how to use Clone Panels. This video shows an easy way to instantly create a Bible clone panel from a verse link so you don't have to move the active verse in the Bible panel.

Can also be viewed here.

Johnny NL

Active Member
I use a lot of the SS features, BUT, I am going over the videos again, randomly and it is nice to find out that I don't know everything...:rolleyes:
I watched them videos at least once, some twice, some more. And I "RE-learn" again some of the stuff that I had forgotten, every time that I return to these videos... this is GREAT to have all access 24/7.
Thanks much...:D


Beta Tester
This is really cool. Let's just say I had many strategies devised (which did not always work coz they depended on my memory :oops:) to keep a current Bible study place open... but this solves that problem :). Thanks Brandon!


Beta Tester
If the verse links option is set to multiple, it disables the clone panel for study click and produces a verse list instead. The study click feature still works for the Bible window. I can't decide which way is best. They are both good :)


Johnny NL

Active Member
If only I could just "study click options" my own brain NOT to forget all them features....:confused::Dloll

Johnny NL

Active Member
I love to go back to them teaching videos..... :)