Parents' Prayer for a Child


Beta Tester
I came across this and it really moved my heart. I don't recall exactly where I got it from... but I'm sharing it with you

A Prayer of Parents
What shall we ask for our little child?
Shall we ask for fame in this world defiled?
For the dear-bought wisdom of earthly springs,
Or a skillful hand in the use of things?
Ah nay, our wishes much higher go
Than the highest mount with its cap of snow;
And the heart's desire must wider be
Than the utmost stretch of the boundless sea.
We ask for the blessings of God above
And an early sense of the Saviour's love,
And an early share of His wondrous grace,
And an early start to seek his face.
A soul that is cleansed by the Saviour's blood,
A heart that is kept by the peace of God,
Where the very God of peace may dwell,
His holy secrets of love to tell.
Feet that shall walk in the path of life
And follow the Lamb through stress or strife,
That following on through pain and loss
He may learn the worth of the Saviour's cross.
A place in the heart for the words of truth
And Jesus for guide from the earliest youth.
Great things we ask for our little child,
A place in God's universe undefiled,
A home in the place where His Son Supreme
And His wondrous cross are the dearest theme.