Planned Parenthood...? What a crock!


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Okay, I repent of saying the word crock. After posting this I looked at it and right away that word just glared at me, that maybe it's a not so nice word. Descriptive of Planned Parenthood, it may be, but those two words PP give me the creeps, anyway... I re-opened this post to edit it and change the title but can't do anything about the title, it seems...

Anyway, this below is NOT the video, just a link to the story about the video, on Fox News. I watched a bit of it on The Kelly File last night and well I don't know what to say, just God Help us - but I wouldn't want to watch the whole thing.

I dunno, maybe this should not be in the forum "Prayer Requests" except for this, it is vital that we do this, even if we don't like someone, please, (and Jesus told us to do it, so it is a Commandment):

Please pray daily for our leaders, our President and all elected officials, and the supreme court, the judicial system - Lord please open their ears to hear you, their eyes to see you, their hearts to receive you, The Way, The TRUTH, and the Life. In Jesus' name, Amen.
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I meant to add, which is the reason for the word I used in the title, that the name should be changed to "Satan's Plan for Parenthood"


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Shared... thanks for the info


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We had double rainbows all over the other night - and I saw them posted from other places in the country. They were very comforting. I try not to freak out with all the things happening. You are right that we should pray for our leaders. Thanks for the reminder!