Prayer for Husband's employer/employment


My husband has several issues with his current employer, but the most pressing is that the company truck he was given to drive has no brakes (the light has been on for several days now), a tire with no tread, and no current registration. Hubby has made multiple requests that these issues be resolved, but boss never responds. He needs his job, but he also needs his life, so we are in a precarious position. Please join me in prayer that the Lord touches the employer's heart, that he does the right thing by my husband, and that my husband has continued and stable employment. Thank you.


Beta Tester
Praying, Lexxy! Hang in there!


I am praying for you Lexxy, as well. I have been in a similar situation, although not to the point of being given a truck which is basically illegal (assuming you are USA or UK based).

Your husband could find himself prosecuted if he hasn't reported the defects, possibly for driving a vehicle in an unroadworthy condition, so be careful.

I can assure you that God is with you both, and He will answer your prayers. Check my previous posts in the Prayer requests - I was being threatened with Gross Misconduct (which almost always leads to dissmissal), but ended up with my boss and his superiors committing criminal offences, which are ironically Gross Misconduct! What a turn around!

Hang on in there!