Prayer for my church situation - update


Great news - my family and I have been able to commit to the fellowship which we have been attending for some time. Thanks for your prayers.

You may remember that we met with the pastor, but that he had avoided answering a number of our concerns, so I put them all down on paper. The issues were those which have affected a large number of churches worldwide, leading them into apostacy, so I described what was happening worldwide, and then related it to specific issues with the fellowship. Unfortunately this ran to 16 pages, which was way too long. Even after pruning it down, I still had 10 pages!

I set up another meeting, but a prophetic word clearly directed us to cut this down to just the core issues - I went with Dominion Theology, Contemplative Spirituality and the Apostles and Prophets movement, and waited for the meeting. But just before this was due to happen, we were then challenged as to things which were hindering our walk with the Lord: were we prepared to lay them at the foot of the cross, and let Him deal with them?

We both knew this meant laying these 3 issues down. So we did this, cancelled the meeting and went to the pastor to ask to become partners of the fellowship, and without any prompting from me, the pastor suddenly started telling me that he wouldn't entertain any teaching which was of a Dominionist, Emergent or Contemplative flavour in any way!

So within just a few moments have handing the problems over to God, He had dealt with them all! Hallelujah! However, I thought we had been looking for His help and guidance throughout this entire episode!

We have been straining at the leash to get more involved for some time now, and the joy and sense of freedom are tremendous. Many thanks for your prayers.


Sounds like you got exactly what you were seeking. Prayer definately changes things, and can work much better and faster than we can every try to work something out. Keep growing in grace and faith.