Printing "User Commentary"

When I print "my user commentary" I get page number with
(printing just one sermon (with 3 pages)on one verse not whole book)

top right - Page 1 of 3.
bottom left - about:blank
bottom right - 2/25/2020

Just started using this editor as it really does look like Brandon has built something that does NOT need outside HELP.
I love it, but as with most Pastors "they got to have it their way...
Please forgive me.
Question is are these three items editable?
If so can the about blank be changed to reference the actual location, name, modules set, etc.?
Hope someone can help...
Thank you.

Brandon Staggs

Staff member
No, I am sorry, those headers and footers are part of the operating system's HTML printer output. They can't be changed.