Question about forums in general


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Brandon, I appreciate why you'd rather NOT have debates here -- boy, do I, especially with some of the "debates" I've been involved with in other e-places. So this is not at all a criticism. [I've lately had to lay low a bit on a forum I'm involved with for a blog / web site I have since it was bearing much more frustration than fruit, and that was showing in some of my more "curt" responses].

But I would like to know if there is a particular forum that you do any kind of debating in, and if so, why that particular place?

Or do you limit the extent of this type of activity to your web site?

"Long" experience [relatively speaking] pretty much shows the wisdom of the Word when it comes to engaging certain types of questions by some folks -- those who don't really want to be educated but are rather pushing or pushed by an agenda.

But I'd still be curious to your response. Blessings.

Brandon Staggs

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Honestly, I don't monitor any web foums regularly, except for this one now. :)


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Well, bust my buttons! That's a horse of a different color, ain't it Dorothy...

...and I'm sure we're not in Kansas any more, Toto...