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I have tried everything. Cannot get it. I want to read on Office PC then (update this reading to my laptop) when at church or travel I can read more on Laptop then be able to do a copy this back to Office PC. I know I should be able to do this process but am I wanting more than SS can do?
Here are my steps: Name of file (plan) ADBR 2023 file extension is .ssplan inside of C:\Program Files\SwordSearcher\Modules
When I copy this to my laptop it simply opens a new plan with nothing read like its all new. Just has same name. This is under "import template from file."
When I make a copy of same file same effect. Confused, can I make this happen? Thank you.
Reading Plan date is 1/5/2023 5:27 PM size 12.KB
Location is C:\Program Files\SwordSearcher\Modules

Hope this helps.

When trying to remove OnDrive it will not let me. Not sure why?
I think if you use 'cloud' storage, you might add it to the module file locations list and access it from either computer. I've not done that, but it seems others might have - you could search for posts about that on this forum. Someone who uses the cloud with SwordSearcher could answer that better. :)
Yes I have all my SS modules in OneDrive but I'm not sure what you are trying to do? Do you have your modules on OneDrive? Wherever you have them you highlight it and select that as your location. If in OneDrive you have to right click on the SS folder and select "Always keep on this device" on all the devices you wish to access it from. That way any changes you make on any device will be updated across them all.
I am not sure what you are trying to do. Are you trying to synchronize your plan and modules across computers? If so, you do not use the reading plan manager for that.

You can tell SwordSearcher on each computer to use a OneDrive location and let OneDrive sync the files. But be warned that this can create problems if you try to use SwordSearcher on both machines at the same time.

Please read this part of the manual:

Are you copying a file called Schedule.ss7schedule. That's the one that has your progress on your current reading plan.

Your module file location table should NOT have c:\program files\swordsearcher\ as the location for your user modules and reading plan. It would be better to use C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\Documents\SwordSearcher User Modules\ for your files on all your computers.
Oh, I missed that. Don't do this!


That is not a writable location and you should not add anything under Program Files to the module file location list. The official modules will be included by default. Move the schedule and highlighting data back to your user documents folder and remove that location from the list.
Ok here is my folders now. This is laptop screenshot. Desktop has reading schedule all is good. I know I need to sync each (new pc) time after reading on other PC. I need to find the [Schedule.ss7schedule] on Main Desktop then copy to laptop.
After this first sync or copy then I could sync that file each time after reading.
So I was able to put the FEAR in someone. Ha Ha...
I will try this after I hear from someone.

If you're storing and accessing the reading schedule and highlight files on OneDrive for all of your computers, they should always be in sync. If you're using local file storage for one device and OneDrive storage for the other, you'll have to manually sync the files back and forth.

So, if you use OneDrive for all devices/computers and you read from the reading schedule on one device, the schedule file on OneDrive will be updated, then when you open the schedule on another device, it will read the updated file.
Like Marty said, if you are storing in the cloud you do not have to sync after each change, that will happen automatically.
Ok it's actually making sense to me now. My problem is when I name a Reading Schedule ( I was looking for that NAME, in my case BR 2023 but if I understand this correctly It's not what I name the file but rather [ Schedule.ss7schedule ] That was my confusion I guess. Am I close?
And this is the actual file I want to use for what I am asking right?
I hope to report back soon and say I got it!
Yes, your named schedule is contained within the Schedule.ss7schedule file.
Just got it! Working perfect tested (both ways DeskTop to LapTop and back.
VERY HAPPY NOW! Amen. Thank you all.
My error log is messed up but sent to Brandon hoping for guidance.
I actually store all files local; OneDrive is my backup but All files stay local so this will do the trick. Slow here at 68.
Again thank you all.