Some "DO's" and "DON'Ts" For The Christian


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Some Do's and Don'ts for The Christian is written by Leroy Brownlow (c)1951. While Christianity is not a rules based religion, God has been very clear about certain things we are to do and many things we are to avoid. Thus daily Christian living is both positive as well as negative. YOU MAY ORDER IN PAPERBACK BY CLICKING THIS LINK.

This module is based on the e-Sword Version found on the Internet, there may be some spelling errors, but looks OK. The e-Sword Version was based on the .PDF Version as available on the site at This book is so good, I recommend that you order the paperback for less than $5.00.

It would be great for use in a Personal Study situation, or even in a College Age or Adult Bible Studies setting. This module has all the right Scripture References set for Sword Searcher.

Here is a Listing of the Table of Contents For This Good Book:

PART I -- "DO'S"
CHAPTER I.. -- Grow
CHAPTER II.. -- Study God's Word
CHAPTER IV.. -- Lay by in Store
CHAPTER V.. -- Teach
CHAPTER VI.. -- Take Heed Lest Ye Fall
CHAPTER VII.. -- Wield the Christian Influence
CHAPTER VIII.. -- "Follow After Things Which Make for Peace"
CHAPTER IX.. -- Cooperate and Work with Other Christians
CHAPTER X.. -- "DO'S" in Home Life
CHAPTER XI.. -- Sundry "DO'S"
CHAPTER XII.. -- "DO'S" Which Make Life More Livable
CHAPTER XIII.. -- "DO'S" in the Ten Commandments


CHAPTER I.. -- "Don'ts" in the Ten Commandments
CHAPTER II.. -- "Don'ts" in the Ten Commandments (Continued)
CHAPTER III.. -- Don't Forsake the Assembling for Worship
CHAPTER IV.. -- Don't Be Fashioned According to This World
CHAPTER V.. -- Don't Waste Time
CHAPTER VI.. -- Don't Sin with the Tongue
CHAPTER VII.. -- Don't Get Drunk --Don't Be Discouraged by Unjust Criticisms
CHAPTER VIII. -- Don't Envy --Don't Do Your Righteousness from Wrong Motives
CHAPTER IX.. -- Don't Be Deceived
CHAPTER X. -- Don't Measure Yourself by Others Don't Forget
CHAPTER XI. -- Don't Fear
CHAPTER XII. -- Don't Neglect to Take Inventory or Examine Self

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