SS notes on old Vista

Jason W. Elder

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I have an old computer, it’s been unused since 2012 (runs windows vista etc lol). It has tons of my notes on SwordSearcher… How much trouble would it be (or is it even possible) to convert those for use in the latest version?
I think notes can be retrieved with an upgrade of SwordSearher. Have you saved your folders?
Should not be hard at all. The file structure of the old notes is probably the same as what is used now.

You'll need to find the directory on the hard drive of the old computer where user notes are stored (Brandon will likely chime in) and copy that to the directory on another computer where you have already installed a newer version of SwordSearcher.

I'd say just wait until someone can give you the specific instructions.
On your new computer, install SwordSearcher and run it once. This will create the default location on the new computer for your user modules, which should be in your user Documents folder under "SwordSearcher User Modules."

On your old computer, find your user Documents folder, "SwordSearcher User Modules." Copy the contents of that folder to a memory stick, then copy that to the SwordSearcher User Modules on your new computer.


Note that if you create custom module file locations there may be more steps, but it doesn't sound like you did that.