SwordSearcher 5.2 Released

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Brandon Staggs

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SwordSearcher version 5.2 is now available.

As always, existing customers can upgrade at a significant discount.

For information on upgrading (upgrade policy) or to download a free program file update, see the Upgrade FAQ.

A complete revision history is available.

Here is what's new in 5.2, since 5.1:

  • Added John Calvin's Verse Commentary (Calvin) commentary module. Contains the verse-specific commentary text from the Calvin Translation Society edition of Calvin's Commentaries. (CD-ROM only)
  • Added Morrish Bible Dictionary (Morrish) book module. (CD-ROM only)
  • Added Sketches of Jewish Social Life and The Temple: Its Ministry and Services (Edersheim) book module. (CD-ROM only)
  • Added Words of Christ in Red support for KJV module.
    • The KJV and KJVSL Bible modules show words of Christ in red letter text.
    • Red-lettering can be disabled in File > Preferences > Text Display Options > KJV Words of Christ.
    • Color is configurable as well.
  • Added Search KJV Words of Christ search function (Search menu). Restricts search to "red letter" text of the New Testament.
  • Updated Harmonies module.
  • Added additional synchronization options (File > Preferences > Sync Options).
  • Improved behavior of commentary entry up/down toolbar buttons and up/down key press in entry selection box.
  • Added Show Margin Area toggle toolbar button and shortcut (Alt+F10) to Bible panel and improved toggle handling of margin items and paragraph mode.
  • Added new keyboard shortcuts: Alt+Up and Alt+Down. Decrements or increments verse in the Go To Verse toolbar and performs synchronization actions.
  • Added Maximize Search Results shortcut (Shift+F9).
  • Added single row tabs display option in Library Tabs appearance preferences.
  • Fixed rare focus bugs that could cause prompt windows to appear behind active windows causing the program to appear to be frozen.
  • Fixed bug that could cause Table of Contents Tool to be opened but disabled.
  • Fixed crash that could occur after changing commentaries and then using the commentary entry up/down toolbar buttons.
  • Fixed font size preference issues with the View > Increase/Decrease font commands.
  • Other minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Brandon Staggs

Staff member
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