SwordSearcher 7.1 Release Announcement

Brandon Staggs

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I’m happy to announce that SwordSearcher 7.1 is now available!

If you’re already a SwordSearcher user you can read upgrade details here.

Here's a details list of what's new in 7.1 (since 7.0).

Library Additions:
Major New Program Features
  • A highly flexible and intelligent Bible Reading Schedule System.
    • Access from the Devotional menu or the new Reading Schedule button on the main toolbar.
    • The Reading Schedule window provides calendar-based access to your scheduled daily readings and shows estimated reading times.
    • The "Create a Reading Plan" window is a step-based reading plan creator for adding reading plans to your schedule. You can have as many reading plans in your schedule as you wish.
      • Standard Bible in a Year: this plan is the common Bible in a Year plan with daily readings from the OT and NT.
      • Design Custom Plans: Based on how much time you want to spend reading each day (in minutes), or how many days you want the plan to take (or when you want it completed). Unlike other software-based reading plan systems, SwordSearcher doesn't just chop up reading plans by verse count. SwordSearcher's reading plan system intelligently uses the time required to read each verse and chapter to create a more consistent daily reading plan, and when possible, starts daily readings at logical positions in the text instead of merely dividing by verse count.
    • The Schedule Manager lets you reschedule plans, rename, delete, print your schedule, print plans, and export templates so you can share your reading plans with others.
    • The reading schedule functions of SwordSearcher prominently feature estimated reading times and use them for calculating plans. This is far more useful than dividing readings only by verses or chapters. Also, including the reading time in the calendar makes finding the right time to sit down for your daily readings much easier, since you have a very good idea of exactly how long it will take.
    • Falling behind on your schedule doesn't mean giving up! SwordSearcher can instantly reschedule your plans if catching up would be too difficult.
  • Passage Analysis Tool.
    • Show various details about a selected portion or portions of the Bible, including:
      • Number of books, chapters, and verses.
      • Time required to read aloud.
      • Details about versification (most chapters, verses; per book, per chapter, etc.)
      • Details about word counts (number of words, most/fewest words in a book, a chapter, and a verse, etc.)
      • Top word lists with counts, excluding common English words.
      • Complete word list, sorted alphabetically or by frequency.
      • "Most unique" word list, listing words by how unique they are to the selected Scripture portion(s).
    • Open from Search menu "Passage Analysis," or right-click Bible and Verse List panels and select Passage Analysis from the pop-up menu.
  • Panel library tabs have new drop-down selection menus. These new drop-down menus make accessing specific library items from the Bible, Book, and Commentary panel tabs significantly faster and easier than before, especially for items that do not have a visible tab.
  • User module editor enhancements.
    • Added formal Image support. Images can be inserted from files or pasted from the clipboard, and image files are automatically saved with the user module. It is no longer necessary to manage image files manually or add images with custom code editing.
    • Added formal Table support. Inserting a table can be done automatically from the Insert menu or the Insert Table toolbar icon in the editor. Right-click a table to insert or merge rows, columns, and cells.
    • Added Style and Format Cleaner. Provides an options-based means of removing most formatting from the entry. Designed primarily for cleaning up text that has been pasted in from other sources which may contain inconsistent or undesirable formatting.
  • Redesigned "Configure Copy/Export Formatting" window (Edit menu) is easier to use and gives more options for how verses are formatted for clipboard copy and printing.
  • Advanced User Module Maintenance window.
    • Selected from the User menu, this is a control panel for advanced users to perform tasks on their personal modules, such as exporting, rebuilding, and zipping (for sharing). Also includes additional Assets support tasks for updating older modules with image links to use the new formal image support.
    • Most users will not need to use this window.
Other Improvements and Features
  • Additional StudyClick options for CTRL+Click on a verse reference. (See File, Preferences, StudyClick Options)
  • Improved Bible panel book and chapter selection drop-down menus.
  • The entry selector drop-down menus for Books and Commentaries can be re-sized and sizes are remembered.
  • Added additional paragraph mode option, under File, Preferences, Text Display Options, Additional Bible Panel Settings: "Newline Every Verse in Paragraph Mode." This option modifies paragraph mode so that each verse appears on a new line, while retaining the other minimalist display options of paragraph mode.
  • Improvements to phrase suggestion in main search bar.
  • Improvements to user module entry editor find/find next dialog.
  • The Compare Version selection menu has been replaced with a selection list (faster/easier).
  • User menu items for renaming, printing, and deleting user modules have been replaced with selection lists (faster/easier).
  • Added Alt+Left and Alt+Right keyboard shortcuts for focused panel: navigates back/forward through the history list.
  • When a span of verses has been selected with the mouse in the Bible and Verse List panels, the right-click "Copy Verse" function, the F5 Copy Verses function, and other pop-up menu items, automatically use the selected range of verses, rather than only the first or clicked verse.
  • Added "read-aloud time" information to the Search Result Information and Statistics window for search results.
  • Library search results can be right-clicked to copy a list of matching entries from the module.
  • Better tab-switching logic when closing tabs in panels.
  • Fixed disappearing Book or Commentary panel text when restoring from minimized state under certain rare circumstances.
  • Fixes relating to high-DPI displays and zooming.
  • Improvements relating to touch and pen input and tablet use.
  • New pre-set layout style: Single Panel View. Designed for small displays, this layout is an "all panels tabbed" mode.
  • Updated Nave's Topical Bible module with improved formatting and restored some missing text.
  • Numerous other minor improvements and fixes.


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Thank you Brandon that is brilliant
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you are brilliant brother!

having a blast checking out new features in the upgrade..............

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