SwordSearcher 7 Release Announcement

Brandon Staggs

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SwordSearcher 7 is now available!

There are several new library items, but the most significant improvement is the new universal Search Bar which replaces the old separate Go To Verse and Quick Bible Search bars. The new search bar provides lightning-fast search suggestions and verse counts for possible searches as you type and a lot more. Watch the "New in version 7" video to see!

Current users of SwordSearcher 5.0 or later can upgrade to version 7 at a steep discount. See the upgrade FAQ for details on upgrading. See the release announcement here.

Here is the revision history since version 6.2:

Version 7.0

Library Additions:
  • New more powerful and "unified" Go To Verse and Search Toolbar:
    • A single starting point for going to a verse or doing a Bible search is easier to use than the previous separated system.
    • Automatically provides search suggestions with spelling corrections and matching verse count as you type.
    • Automatically suggests possible phrases from the Bible you might be looking for as you type.
    • Can also be used to open a Topic guide, verse list, Find Related Verses, or locate library modules by title.
    • Search suggestion (when you misspell a word) now also works for phrases.
    • (For users who do not wish to have the search suggestions appear while they type, this option can be disabled in File, Preferences, Misc. Options.)
  • New "Bible Word Clouds Generator" tool:
    • The Bible Word Cloud Generator is a scripture visualization tool that can show you at a glance what words are emphasized in a portion of Scripture, making word associations that might not be obvious easy to see. It's a great study tool that is very easy to use.
    • The word cloud generator shows words weighted (size and color intensity) based on their relative frequency. That is, words used more often in the passage will be bigger and more intense than the others.
    • Holding your mouse pointer over a word will show its word count, first use, and last use in the passage. Click a word to show all of the verses from the passage with the word in a verse list.
    • Fully interactive and customizable, with common word exclusions, support for temporary word removal, and support for automatically combining multiple word forms.
    • You can create Bible word clouds from any portion of Scripture you want. Several sections are pre-configured, and you can instantly generate a word cloud from the current Bible panel chapter with the Generate Bible Word Cloud toolbar button on the Bible panel.
    • More fascinating Scripture word associations can be found by using the Bible Word Cloud generator from Bible search results in a Verse List panel.
    • This new Generator should not be confused with the Word Clouds book module (part of the Deluxe library). The book module is a stylized, fixed set of word clouds, while the Generator can create word clouds on-the-fly for any portion of Scripture you want, and allows customization.
  • New Module Sets system makes it easier to manage your library to create groups of the library modules you care about:
    • Module sets are user-configurable collections of library items (Bibles, Books, Commentaries).
    • User can create as many different Module Sets as desired with an easy-to-use selection screen.
    • Can be used to control and change visible tabs.
    • Can be used to control and change Bible margin links.
    • Can be used to limit the Full Library Search to a collection of library modules.
    • Select Configure Module Sets on the User menu. Also, right-clicking a library tab provides an option to choose which Module Sets it is included in.
    • Replaces the old "Reference Sets" system. If you are upgrading, your reference sets will be automatically imported as Module Sets.
  • The Verse Guide panel and the Topic Guide have been improved:
    • More intelligent grouping of titles.
    • Better grouping of commentaries in lists showing a range of verses.
    • Multiple colors used to make it easier to quickly distinguish between entry titles and module titles, etc.
    • More intelligent entry and module title sorting.
    • Verse Guide panel sort mode is easier to change with the new settings button on the Verse Guide panel status bar.
  • The Visible Library Tabs and Bible Margin Links sections of File, Preferences have significantly improved module selection lists, which allow keyboard title filtering and can be sorted by abbreviation or full module title.
  • Added custom module file locations configuration option:
    • Select File, Preferences, Module File Locations.
    • Can add additional file paths for SwordSearcher to locate modules on startup.
    • Can change default user module file location; move highlighter data file, etc.
    • When multiple writable module file locations are defined, creating a new user book or commentary also allows selection of file location.
    • Works well with SkyDrive to sync module files across multiple computers. See help file for details.
  • Custom Bible book abbreviation support (File, Preferences, Bible Book Abbreviations).
  • More intelligent book module tab highlighting for matching entry titles. For example, "Abelmizraim" in one dictionary and "ABEL-MISRAIM" in another are understood to be the same, so the module tabs are shown highlighted, and switching from one dictionary to the other automatically goes to the correct entry.
  • Ability to add multiple new empty entries to a user book all at one time from a list.
  • File, Preferences can be saved to portable files. Also, an automatic settings backup system retains settings changes from several days of usage, in case the user accidentally deletes something important like a Module Set.
  • Added more verse export styles and options.
  • Additional audio Bible file set support (mp3 file sets from Bible.is can now be used without any renaming).
  • Added "hide paragraph markers" option in File, Preferences, Text Display Options to hide Bible panel pilcrows.
  • Added Verse List Panel right-click menu function "Consolidate Verses:" if the verse list contains duplicate or out-of-order verses, this function allows the user to place all verses in canon-order and remove duplicates.
  • Improved icons and "look" for SwordSearcher 7.
  • Native 64-bit executable (automatically installed on 64-bit systems). 32-bit is still supported as well.
  • Numerous additional improvements throughout SwordSearcher.

Anonymized member 1393

Really nice work Brandon! SS7 is really feeling nice to use, and I love love the new unified search box! Brilliant! Thank you!! :D

Johnny NL

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:):):):):):)... Happy Happy.....Yeaaahhh!
Great job Sir....Already ordered me copy and can't wait to load it ! ! ! !
Every time this day come ...("THE DAY OF THE NEW VERSION")... It is like being a 10 year old boy on a birthday eve..... Great feeling !

Will Also change Laptop very soon, BIGGER, STRONGER,MORE POWER !!!, and will be buying a NEW copy (full version) for this new laptop,(for I will give away this laptop and the SS in it, for a friend) Q: Will I still be able to keep and transfer all me notes and modules and highlights INTO my new version ?

Thanks Again Sir for this " WONDERFUL WORK " You have NO idea how deep you extended my knowledge of THE WORD OF GOD ! ! !
Was Amazed when I bought me first edition, and STILL AM today.
That is for me the greatest blessing after the wheel.... no wait ... before the wheel..(loll).

thanks again, be BLESSED Mr. Staggs. :D


Brandon Staggs

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Q: Will I still be able to keep and transfer all me notes and modules and highlights INTO my new version ?
Thanks for all your kind comments!

Yes, you can do that easily. That data is stored in your Documents\SwordSearcher User Modules folder -- just copy all of that to the same location on your new computer after you install SwordSearcher.

Johnny NL

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Thanks a lot Sir.
Thanks for your commitment in making Bible Searching easier. Be re-energized as you reflect on this verse: "And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament;and they that turn many to righteousness, as the stars for ever and ever" (Dan 12:3).
Got my copy of SS 7 today. Just loaded it and excited about spending the afternoon learning the new features. Thanks again for all the work you have done to provide us with such a great tool. :-D Pastor Preston

Johnny NL

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MAN !!!
Canadian post......so slow, it's like they will deliver it by pigeon....:roll:lollll
(hopefully they haven't shot me pigeon.....!)
Can't wait to get it.....:D
You guys make me drooling......:razz:

Brandon Staggs

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MAN !!!
Canadian post......so slow, it's like they will deliver it by pigeon....:roll:lollll
(hopefully they haven't shot me pigeon.....!)
Can't wait to get it.....:D
You guys make me drooling......:razz:
Send me an email to bstaggs@swordsearcher.com with your order number -- if you'd like I can email you a download link for the full version so you don't have to wait.

Johnny NL

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WOW! ! !
Nope, haven't received it yet....long week end...
it would be nice....really really apppppppppreciate it SIR !
Some after market SERVICE.
I just sent me Email to you SIR.

John l.

Johnny NL

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Ok ! ! ! ! ! ! !
3 minutes between the post and the Email.....
It's like you were waiting for me.....
Now this is faaaaaaaaaaast !!!!!!!!
Thank you sir !!!!

Johnny NL

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Amen to the LORD of my SALVATION....PRAISE GOD ! ! !
Thank you SIR fo your work and concern for the little frenchman !!! Lololllll
Installed ... enjoying like a kid with his new toy.....SO SO SO GREAT....
Thanks again Sir.

<:}}}><.....BE BLESSED !;)

Johnny NL

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:(:( I'm running out of coffee....
Can't let go my SS 7.0....

Brandon Staggs

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Glad you like it. :)