SwordSearcher at Ubuntu 20.04



I tried to install SwordSearcher in Ubuntu - using WINE 5-0-3. But it didnt work. Strange is that old one, version 4 is working well. After instalation of version 8 and launching APP i got this message: "An error hast occured, and Wine/Crossover has Ben detected. This error is probably the result of an incorrectly implemented or unimplemented API call in Wine/Crossover.
Exception class: AccesViolation
Exception message: Access violation at address 0000000000B4A5C3 in module "SwordSearcher8.exe". Read of address 0000000000000000."

Do you have some idea what is here wrong? I have no cloue.


Brandon Staggs

Staff member
SwordSearcher 4 is comparatively ancient. As Windows has progressed, SwordSearcher has been updated and enhanced to take advantage of new Windows features. Unfortunately, sometimes Wine and Crossover are just not up to the task of running all modern Windows applications.

If you look around the forum you will see some users have success running SwordSearcher with WINE, and some don't. SwordSearcher is Windows PC software and I can only officially support running it on Windows.

Your best option is to set up a virtual machine running real Windows 10 and install it into the VM. You could also try getting support from the people who make WINE. If there is crashing when running it under WINE but not Windows, that's a good indication the problem is with WINE.
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