Text to Speech

Eric Escalera

New Member
Scourby's narration is superb, the Bible came to life as I listened. Now is it possible that SS team could make a text to speech with some features in it, for example NaturalReader 14.0. Imagine with all the resources of SS on your finger tips with text to speech software combine, in God there's no impossible, God bless you all.

Brandon Staggs

Staff member
Integrated support utilizing the Windows text to speech API is something on the to-do list. Thanks for your feedback!

Johnny NL

Well-Known Member
ooooh!!!!! would that be awesome....?!?!?..:D

Brandon Staggs

Staff member
No, it's not something that has been implemented yet.


Beta Tester
I wish for this feature as well. I'd love to be able to listen to portions of books & commentaries while using SS. I know I can copy/paste portions of these into a compatible program that will "read" aloud, but integration into SS would be wonderful!