The right clothing to have for the journey. Mark.6.8


1. A staff 2.a coat 3.some sandles. Staff holds up and wards off. Moses had. Staff in was picture of the power of the lord he has given us the same thing he has not left us to our self. In johns gospel he said he would come to us for ever praise the lord for that where we would be without hid daily support from his presence low I am with you always. A coat to protect us a coat to keep us warm. The word of God has been give us to know his mind to warm our hearts and to protect us from the elements of this world. Did not our hearts burn when he opened up the scriptures to us great way to have spritual heartburn! He gave them sandles for there feet. Let's us watch the places our feet would take us our feet shod with the gospel of peace may we take these up daily in our walk for him, with him.