The Scan Text for Verse References Tool

Johnny NL

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Just a quick ??? on that tool:
The Scan Text for Verse References Tool
What a wonderful tool!!!. I suggest ya'all that haven't tried it yet, should...!!!
This tool is SO wonderful.
I did watch the video back when it came out, maybe few times even, but really never "used" it as per say. ( I was mostly staying within SS8 library.)
I am studying "outside SS8", some other books which have a LOTS of references. Then I remembered the "CAPABILITY" of SwordSearcher.
??I went back to the video library, and BAM!,... Voilà!! There it was.??.
-Of Course SS8 is Capable !???
The studying process time of them "outside" books have been cut down by 1/2 if not more!!! With the Scan Text for References Tool, all became easy and and this is SO friendly user.
This is my testimony about the "Scan Text for References Tool" I love this tool.
Like I said before; " Beside coffee making - there is nothing that SS8 can't do ! -Specially, showing you the right way...❗❗❗"
Ya'all be Blessed now, in the Lord Jesus Christ.