The Victor Marx story


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This is a story and a ministry you do not want to miss. We bought the video and I am glad we did so we can pass it on and share with others.

BUT... you can watch it for free here

...least it says you can on the website, haven't tried it myself, but also we saw him in an interview I think on Praise the Lord, and they said you could watch it for free on the internet - which is how we got interested, hearing a little bit about him on that show, oh, a couple of weeks ago.

Hubby and I have long been prayer warriors for those who commit the crimes, not just the victims only, but those who hurt others, my goodness, God loves them, too, and Jesus died for them, too, and He is not willing for any to perish. I feel so bad for them, myself, because if they don't get out of that evil mess they are in, they are lost, just lost, and forever. So they need us to pray for them, too, or even especially, or at least as much as the victims of the crimes...

Which is why this story about Victor Marx is such a good one, and his ministry is such a blessing. Watch the video, please, it will bless your heart.

Oh, and p.s. in the opening scene of the video, yes, that is really Victor Marx and his lovely wife, Eileen.
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Thanks, Terri!


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I did look at it online... it made me cry and smile and laugh! Thanks for sharing Terri.


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Excellent film - what a testimony!

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Oh MY!.....
what a movie ! ! ! !