The word Amen

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the following comment about the word Amen

Of the 27 New Testament books in our bible only 3 books do not end with the word “Amen” either in the last verse if not as the last word. What is interesting is that the word “Amen” does not even show up in those 3 books at all the books are: Acts, James and 3 John.

That prompted me to dig a little deeper and found the following:

Of the other 24 book in the New Testament only 12 of the remaining books, that have it as the last verse, Mark, Luke, John, Col., 1 Thes, 2nd Thes, Titus, Philemon, 1 John, 2nd John, 2nd Peter, Jude, the word Amen that is the only shows up that one time in the whole book.

In the Old Testament the word Amen only shows up in 27 times in 22 verses, almost half of them are in one book and 12 of them in one chapter Duet 27.

Just thought it was interesting.


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Fascinating to both posts :)