Three new prayer requests


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Hello faithful friends... I have 3 new prayer requests, if you would be so kind:
  1. I have an online friend & brother who lives in Germany. He is going through a time where he is feeling a bit oppressed and stressed. He requested prayer to be encouraged in the Lord. (As an aside, I am glad that I have a great German language Bible in SwordSearcher, so I can send him verses which encourage me in his native tongue!)
  2. Chuck, a retired pastor from the area I live, who now lives in Michigan, is dealing with cancer, and facing some possible end of life questions. He was always a good brother in the Lord while here, and that didn't change just because his address did. Please pray for wisdom and comfort for his family.
  3. The next health milestone for me is whether I will need a pacemaker. That will be determined later this month when I meet with my cardiologist after having an echo cardiogram. I would prefer not to have one, because it means my heart is functioning well enough after surgery. I would appreciate it if you would agree with me in prayer - but of course, God knows best! (As an aside, my fasting sugar readings have been bad lately. I think I know I need to be better about my diet, and I think it would help if I was more active.)
Thank-you now for investing a moment or two for me with Jesus.

Johnny NL

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The Brother in Germany, Mr. Chuck, and YOU RevTim, In Jesus Christ's Name...
Be them Prayers of your BE answered By the Holy Ghost and Jesus Christ.
Amen Lord.
Be Blessed.


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Lifting up your requests to God's throne of mercy and grace and may His perfect will be done, even as He gives you the desires of your heart 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏


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I will be praying for you and the other request.

Sugar will go up because of stress