Video Tips for searching non-Bible library material

Brandon Staggs

Staff member
A new video quick-tip, showing:
  • Search within a panel.
  • Quick-search the active book or commentary.
  • Search the entire library.
  • Tips for navigating search results.
Can also be viewed here.

Brandon Staggs

Staff member
By the way, thanks to Marty for suggesting this video. :)
This video was a good suggestion. I believe the videos keep SS alive and well for many users because it is a quick way to bring one up-to-date on all the useful tools available to the user. In time I find that I forget some of these if not used often and to scan through the videos my mind is refreshed. Thanks for the videos.


Beta Tester
Very good. All the occurrences of the word are highlighted yellow. Maybe the current one could be highlighted in a slightly different color so when you click NEXT, you would know which one was current. That would be helpful if there were lots of words highlighted in a pane, or if the window scrolls down or up while clicking next.

The + key does this for the "book quick search" method


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very nice.........