Toolbar Layout


Beta Tester
I created a floating layout with just the Bible showing. I turned off the toolbars and saved the layout. The next time I started SS, this is how it looked. This happens consistently.

After resetting the toolbars and then turning them off again I get this view. This is what I wanted.

Getting out and back in the I had the first view again. Seems like a bug.
Also could the tool bar menu item stay open while tool bars are being unselected. I have to keep opening it and turn off the tools one at a time.
I'll make a note of this and take a look -- I think there probably aren't a lot of people disabling all of the toolbars, which is not a use-case I considered.
In previous versions, weren't we able to modify the tool bar ? ? ?
or it was in a dream...loll
Yes, a long time ago, people could accidentally move each segment of the toolbar in unexpected and frustrating ways, LOL. That "feature" was removed and as far as I can recall, you are the first person to mention it. 😁
Is this not the same as "enable custom layout"? You all are smarter than I... Not sure this would be beneficial to me. I saved it as a bible lay out and it looks the same. Maybe I'm not understanding "floating".
Is this not the same as "enable custom layout"? You all are smarter than I...
No, this is a report about the toolbar leaving behind space (on startup) if all of the toolbar components are switched off.