Urgent Prayer Request


I urgently need your prayers for my work situation (yet again!).

A week and a half ago I drove my lorry into a security barrier, at very low speed. It was minor accident, but this morning (Saturday) I received a letter informing me that I am to attend a disciplinary hearing wher I am to be charged with Gross Misconduct, which will almost certainly lead to dismissal.

The company is shaping up to lay off a number of drivers, and the atmosphere has been very oppressive, almost nasty, for several months, and it would appear that my employers are using a minor incident as a way of making me redundant without any costs to themselves. As such a number of situations and events have been applied to me which could be good grounds for claiming "constructive dismissal", although whether I would want to pursue this line is another issue.

AS any Christian should, I have always done my job "as unto the Lord", I have never cheated the company, or lied to them, and have always done what has been asked of me. It would seem that my employers are being unrighteous in this, in that they seem to condone other drivers cheating and lying to them, and in some cases encouraging it by giving these drivers privileges. Therefore to treat this minor incident as though I was committing treason is wrong.

Pleas pray for righteousness to come out of this, and that whatever the outcome, that God is glorified.



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So sorry that you are having this trouble. You are in my prayers.

Johnny NL

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Oppression IS part of this living world, sad, very sad,but we all know that the LORD is in charge. Be a good cheer, prayers are the most important,thru all the situation, and mine are joining yours friend.


Thanks for your prayers,everybody!

God has been mighty!!

There was much sculduggery in the run up to the meeting, such that instead of going into the meeting fully prepared with a colleague to represent me, he wasn't told that he would be part of the hearing until about 15 minutes before we were due to start. We went in virutally blind, but it didn't matter because God had already gone ahead!

As well as the actual incident, the company were going to include my driving record, because I had had a few minor knocks and scrapes during the early years after I passed my truck driving test. In the end, they didn't go anywhere near my record, because unusually for them they had taken legal advice. I already knew that they didn't have a leg to stand on legally. However, they haven't taken legal advice before, just gone ahead thinking they can get away with whatever they want to do! Who made them go and consult the lawyers?!!!

I ended up with a written warning, but they even got that wrong! They put the wrong date on the letter, making the whole process invalid, and secondly, someone in Human Resources had signed the letter instead of my manager. This is actually fraudulent alteration of official company documents, and is a criminal offence, meaning that the company has ended up guilty of Gross Misconduct, not me!

Nice one,Father!


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Great news, Truckerboy! Glad it worked out that way! :D