Ussher's Timeline: a Visual Guide


Beta Tester
I have that chart in the SS module, BPS101 with links to verses and also linked searches on names of people. It's under the topic - "flood over all.htm" in the module. You can get to it also by clicking on "Big Picture Bible Study Lessons", then click on the lesson on "flood over all", and then on "long lives".

Here's a link to the module on the forum.
Well, I thought I had virtually all of your modules, Bill, but I must not :)

I went to that link and clicked on "Go to download", but I got this saying it's not available:

Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 16.38.25.png


Beta Tester
I just noticed that. I am sending a new link to Brandon. Something seems to have changed either here or with Microsoft 1Drive. Stay tuned.