Video Player/local file link

I find the possibility to link to videos outside of SS to be invaluable. I would love to learn a way to link to videos on my local machine. I use "ReClipped" to make notes on videos as I watch them. It would be great to connect all this in SS. I'm thinking much of this may already be possible and waiting for me to learn the process. It would be lovely if sometime in the future SS might have its own player where videos could be embedded locally as we go. The present VLC for audio is much in the same vein it seems to me so it shouldn't be a huge leap to do videos. But I don't personally have any idea what this might really entail to make it happen.


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In a user book topic or note using the code editor tab of the editor you could put an html link that looks like this:
<A href="file:///YourFileName">Your file description</A>

Where YourFileName is the full name of the file like c:\myvideos\video1.mp3
Your file description could be any text
It gave me much joy to think that I could do this but I haven't had much luck with it. Not sure what I may be doing wrong. Thank you very much for the suggestion. I'll keep playing with it and post if I figure it out.

Brandon Staggs

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If you're editing an entry in a personal module (book or commentary), you can switch to the code editor on the bottom of the editor. This is where you can do advanced things with html code. If you have a video file in c:\myfolder\myvideo.mp4 you can create a link to it in an entry just by adding this where you want it (in the code editor):

<a href="file:///C:/myfolder/myvideo.mp4">my video file link</a>

That will add a direct file link to the video file that can be opened in your system video file player with a click. It will not play inside of SwordSearcher as SwordSearcher is not meant to be a media viewer.

While this works, it does take a few steps that puts you into "advance user" territory. I have a to-do item on my list to make this easier with drag-and-drop from file explorer, for a future release.
Brandon, this makes me Soooo happy! I'm a pretty fart smella but coding just never made it into my repertoire (spelling can be a challenge as well). But, it worked!
Now my challenge begins.
I need a fast link to the line of code you gave me above so I don't lose it (I know you'll eventually make an "add link button" for this) (or the drag and drop you mentioned).
Next, I have to learn how to change the "displayed text" to my link. I know this will be easy. I think wsbones in his their above note has clued me in on doing this.
Next, I will need to learn how to add a video timestamp so I can link to the direct point of my note instead of the whole video.
I may borrow from the "ReClipped" program that I use for marking videos to do this..
When watching a new video I like to use ReClipped for time-stamping notes and adding my own thoughts. I like to connect and archive them in my personal study notes which too often become scattered.
My goal is to use SS to make direct connections to these notes in a central location that hopefully will never change.
Thank you for all your labor on this wonderful program!