Way of Life Encyclopedia 7th Edition for SwordSearcher

Brandon Staggs

Staff member
The latest (seventh) edition of the Way of Life Encyclopedia of the Bible and Christianity is available for SwordSearcher as an add-on from Way of Life Literature.

They are offering the 7th edition WOL Encyclopedia long with a book called Things Hard to be Understood as an add-on for SwordSearcher 8 or later. I helped them with the module build and the setup program, but other than that, it is entirely a production of Way of Life Literature. They are selling the add-on module themselves and it is not part of the SwordSearcher Deluxe library.

If you are interested in purchasing it from them you can do so from this link. Please note that this is a new edition of the Encyclopedia and is not the same module that was previously available from WOL. If you happen to have the old edition, and you choose to purchase the new one, it will overwrite the old module on setup.

You can read more about the Encyclopedia (printed version) here. You can purchase the SwordSearcher module here.


Bob A.

Active Member
Thank you. I just bought it. I have been waiting for this.. :)