website fonts not rendering correctly: Firefox


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Hello, all,

This is rather off-topic, but it affects On my Mac, some fonts are showing up as question marks inside of boxes. Any idea why?


UPDATE: I found the solution: it's a Mac-only thing, I guess, and the solution is there: Some of the info is as follows: "Firefox 56 ratcheted up the security sandbox, limiting which files pages can use on your system. This apparently prevents Firefox from using font files in a "suitcase" or "Adobe Type 1" format."

I'm going to go ahead an post this here anyway, so if anyone else has this problem, they'll see the solution. Also, it may happen to me again, and I might remember to search these forums for the answer.
Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 6.28.41 AM.png


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I've been using OSX and firefox for years and have never experience this. Current versions are OSX 10.13.4 and Firefox 60.0.1 64 bit.

Brandon Staggs

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Very clearly a web browser bug. The SwordSearcher site doesn't do anything fancy with fonts.