What are you studying right now?

Johnny NL

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..... I'm finding it extremely rewarding and faith building. SwordSearcher's feature that allows me to import verses into my Word document directly from SwordSearcher (Ctrl+Alt+V) is really great! (Thanks, Brandon!)

So So So True......
I just can't imagine my life without SwordSearcher, .... Right after my Salvation, it is a "Natural" thing.... "The Saviour" + "The Salvation" + "The SwordSearcher"....... SEE !!!! How natural it goes ????
Be Blessed today....


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Doing a comparison/contrast on Rev. 12:3 - Rev. 13:1-2, dragon vs beast, heads, horns, crowns, etc. Something peculiar, connected to that manna too.............:eek:


Tonight, I am reading the study notes in John Brown of Haddington's Self-Interpreting Bible. What a fascinating book!

I have a couple editions and the first one is from the 1700's I think. I see that his dictionary was "improved by his son in the mid-1800's and the list of his "improvements led me not to even bother to download it. The 1914 edition Bible seems different than the 1700's version, so some of this stuff must not be written by John himself.

Authors often write a book because there is nothing like it in the market. They want this DIFFERENT thing to exist. Then publishers and descendants insist on making the original more like the norm. I see this over and over. It frustrates me when the new editions push the original out of print, and I do not have access to the fruit of the genius.
Hi, do you have this as an electronic book or real book? It is very large as a book I'm guessing. You're correct, very fascinating. Wish it was a book we could get in the SS program. Mike


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I think I only had this as an e-book.

I lost access to a lot of my computer Bible stuff due to major tech problems. I am just getting a Windows machine up and running tonight. The first thing I did was install Swordsearcher. I am so excited to have access to this software again!