some question. . .
"IF" I must choose; Ctrl+click (word) = Webster 1828 (for me). I love that feature!
(I became a KJV English master, ... loll)
Second: Scourby reading,
That would be that for me!
Too many to list one only.
(1) Extensibility (user commentaries & user compiled Bible modules via Forge).
(2) Strong's links & Webster dictionary links. (This I almost did not mention since "every" program has it; but without it, it would be 80% less useful.)
(3) The optional Scourby audio files with verse-level syncing.
(4) Amazing support.
Same as Eric... there is SOOOOOOOO much to love it is hard to pick one feature. Like Johnny NL said though I use the reading of the Scriptures a lot. One of my devices is dedicated to the reading of the Old Testament, Genesis to Malachi, over and over again... helps a great deal to get me through boring household chores, I transcend while I listen to the Word of God 😊. I prefer to read NT, Psalms and Proverbs ;)
I have so many favorite features, too... but the Widgets come to mind first - I use them all the time when I'm reading and want clarification on something - particularly the commentary widgets. I love being able to hover over a favorite commentary widget when I need a broader understanding of something and having the commentary info pop up.

Brandon has put a lot of effort into pulling all of SwordSearcher's features together so it's easy for us to use them. Thanks, Brandon! 🥰
Wow. Let's see if I can think through everything I regularly rely on that I get in Sword Searcher:
1. Ability to make my own "commentary" (notes, which when I learn better, I just add the date and put it underneath the place I was confused!)
2. Ability to make my own "book" where I can collect transcripts of sermons or my sermon notes and can so easily look at the scriptures cited by a simple hover!
3. Bookmarks: To save things I refer to over and over and over.
4. Treasury of Scripture Knowledge: my default for every chapter.
5. Thompson Chain Reference (wow!!!!!)
6. Alexander Scourby audio reading.
7. STRONG'S LINKS ! That is vital. Oh, and so are the Dictionaries. Using Websters 1828 the most. And.. oy.

Let me just put it this way. When my old computer died, and my gracious son replaced it, the FIRST thing I had to know would run on it was Sword Searcher. Once I had Sword Searcher going, I relaxed. That's how vital it is to my reading and understanding of God's Word.
Since I am housebound, I spent the first 6 years of my Christian Life with very little fellowship. The Bible was pretty much all I had. But that was sufficient. Now, being part of a local church, and being able to have fellowship with a few that visit regularly, the Bible is STILL number one.

My answer: SWORD SEARCHER!!!
Too many to list, however I am fond of all the numerous shortcuts. Most user-friendly Bible Software available hands down.
Thanks Brandon:>)
I like and use the "search for (Strong's number) in KJVSL." in the Strong's Greek Dictionary window. It lets me see how a Greek word is used in the English. It replaces The Englishman's Greek Concordance of the New Testament.
I think the "English-Strongs Indexer" (Ctrl-F2) is perhaps even easier.
I've had other Bible programs. Some to search a word or verse was terrible.
But SS is easy to use.
I do like modules couldn't get the last one to work but it was my fault.
Ease of use
My most favorite is all the dictionary's at hand. From Strongs to Websters to all the others. I believe that the scattering of the languages' in Gen.9 is still happening to this day. Even to the point that symbols are being used instead of words near everywhere. The Bible seems to be a dictionary too. Like Gen. 31:52 seems to indicate that pillars can be a synonym for witness. Then perhaps in Gal.2:9 Paul is calling James, John and Cephas witnesses to what he is talking about. And 1Tim.3:15 may be saying the church is a witness and foundation of the truth. I've found lots of these with SwordSearcher.
As a new user, I am finding one of my favorite features is this forum. Just reading these comments today has opened up new doors of use for me and given me new ideas as to how I can go deeper. Thank you all!
You are most welcome :)