Which Bible Would Jesus Use


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This book by that name that Brandon mentioned in his newsletter would be a good paid module for SS if the publisher would allow it. It has lots of useful information and references based on the review and the excerpted chapter about the NKJV.


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ditto...................i would pay right now if available as a ss module and the price is around what he asks for kindle

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Count me in too!
Does anyone know of an affiliate link to the Kindle version (Which Bible Would Jesus Use) from Brandon? In other words does Sword Searcher or Brandon have a link to buy this book so that some part of the purchase price goes back to him? -while we wait to see if it will be available in Sword Searcher. "Crowned With Glory" (included in SS as CWG) was another book I wished I could find an affiliate link for the hard copy. Are these links available someplace?

I found the links...
If anyone else needs them,
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I would not suggest waiting to see if the book will appear in SwordSearcher. That could be a while. There haven't been any talks about that with the author yet.