Women's Devotions Module Posting Soon! (A Conservative Collection by my Wife)

old tom

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Hi everyone,
I will be formatting a Devotional work that my Wife has been developing. Included will be "To Know HIM By Name" and "Learning Who HE Is & Learning Who We Are In Light Of Who HE Is." These are Original works but they are NOT Copyrighted. The KJV is the Text from which all the work is based on. As my Wife adds more over a period of time I will simply update the Module at a later date to reflect the additional entries.

This work is written solely for the edification of other godly women or leading the lost to Christ.

Please share your thoughts on this Module addition.

I will post this Module in the near future asap and if Brandon Staggs approves this effort.

Thank you all and God bless.
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old tom

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I regret to inform SS members that I will not be creating this Module. My Wife may try to publish her own devotional works in the future that are copyrighted.

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