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User-submitted Words only in Old Testament or New Testament [WONT] 1.1
Unique to each Testament

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Words only in Old Testament or New Testament - Unique to each Testament

A list of words unique to Old Testament and unique to New Testament. Sample:
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There are some interesting word studies in these lists.
1,991 NT words not in OT
6,788 OT words not in NT

This is interesting and useful if you have your study-click options set so that control-click on a word in a book or commentary does a search in the Bible.

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This WILL be interesting! :) Thanks, Bill!
Interesting indeed thank you brother Bill.
now that is sure different, but i mean wow!

thank you so much- lots of outlines for preaching and teaching there, GLORY!!

you are very unselfish and are always providing us something and adding to SS

i personally thank u:)