YouTube feature


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I was listening to our pastor's sermon from last week and I discovered the transcript feature. It auto generates the text in a window next to the video. You can watch, listen, and read along. You can also select the text by dragging the mouse and save it in a file. The transcript can also be clicked to go back or forward to a location in the video. The transcript produces very accurate text, but without punctuation. I don't think all YouTube videos have this available. Here's where to find the feature just below the video.

This is what it looks like:

If you want to hear a good Christmas message, here's the link where you can see the transcript feature.

Ken Sturgeon

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I don't know him personally at all but the Pastor of my old church (Dan Schmidt) turned me on to him. I think Dan's wife's family was from that area and they went to this church whenever he was in that neighborhood. Whether he knew George Grace personally or not I do not know but he really liked Pastor George's preaching, as do I. I've managed to download several of his sermons. Our church closed down a few years ago and unfortunately there are no real bible believing churches in the surrounding area so my wife and I listen to sermons I download. We've been watching Charles Lawson, from Knoxville, a LOT.