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Hi Ruthlyn. I'm writing you because I wanted to know how to have a private conversation. Looks like this is it! I can't think of anything in particular at the moment I need to discuss about doctrine with anyone, but I figured you might not mind a note from another woman Christian here. Thanks!
I've had this program since version three and never spent the time to avail myself of this resource. At first glance it seemed daunting to an old Cogger like myself. Changed my email because it was Latin and folks thought I was a bit (touched) for using it. Can't say my username is the best I could think up, but it is not out of arrogance; it is out of passion I guess.
Perhaps someone could give me a little advice. I tried to download the New Atonement Book but it is not showing up in the program. However the book is listed in the proper SwordSeacher User Module in Windows Explorer. there is 300+ KB so it is not empty. Did I do something wrong, or is there a problem with the program?
Thanks folks, I figured it out. It was there all along. Like to get to know some of you. God speed to everyone tonight.
Hi Bob,
I have followed all of your comments regarding how to install the files, but how do I get the Journal calendar to appear? Will it show under the Bible section?

Thank you for your help,
Hello Sir, I saw your post about the book of enoch. Were you able to find a sword searcher module of it yet, please?
Johnny NL
Johnny NL
NO, not as a module...
But I have it as a Kindle.
Check our website for the latest SwordSearcher Books and SwordSearcher Bible Modules.

Hi. . .
Ye joined in 2007, at that time you had SS4 or SS5?
I am from Newfoundland, Canada... last city on the top right eastern side by the Atlantic.
Where you're from ?
Looking forward to dig in your module.
I am now in Abbotsford, BC. Was living in Kelowna, BC, in 2007. When I originally did my modules back then it must have been ss4. They needed to be imported. Now they are imported to 9.0, to whatever version the import makes them.
Johnny NL
Johnny NL
BC, Kelowna.... I've been there/thru every 10 days or so for 20 years. Truck driver, delivering Apple sauce, Mott's or Rougement, from MTL/QC, in all Safeways or grocery stores. Then heading down to California, USA for fruits and veggies back to MTL..... crossing Abb'/Sumas.....
What a small world after all!
Johnny NL
Johnny NL
Well nice talking to you Sir....
I do have a Skype #, in my profile.....
Looking forward to your modules.
Brother, do you have any of the old modules that were on Our website got hacked and I basically lost all of the old modules I had up there. Haven't had a computer for 10 years, so wasn't using Swordsearcher again until I got a new laptop recently.
Brother Mike
Brother Mike
Good day. No, I am sorry I do not.
After I asked you this, I realized that my webpartner still had the old versions of my modules saved. Imported into SS9 and uploaded now.
I just posted a message about Thayer's Greek English Lexicon.
It is available for downloading. See djmarko53 Modules. Hope
You like it. Has a section on writing Greek letters that isn't in
Theater's original work.
More PDF Files and RESOURCES:
Johnny, I just posted 111 sermon outlines for the book of Matthew.
Not sure when Brandon will approve it. I have several other books awaiting his approval.
Check them out when they get approved.....

Proverbs 3:5 (KJV) Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.