2Ti 4:1 / English-Strong's Indexer (G2596 [κατα] as "at")

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  1. Eric

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    Seems to me something is amiss. KJVSL at 2Ti 4:1 shows that κατα (G2596) is translated "at" in the KJV. But the English-Strong's Indexer doesn't show that verse (nor does it show Ac 16:25 and Ro 9:9).

    Is this something I don't understand or is there a tagging or programming problem here?

  2. Brandon Staggs

    Brandon Staggs Administrator Staff Member

    The Strong's word G2596 is too far down the list to be included and is truncated off because the word "at" is so common. There's nothing really amiss, it is actually by design and using the ESI for a word like "at" or "the" was not really considered when it was created... There's a bold warning at the top of the results. (See image below.) I think a good solution would be to offer an optional non-truncated result view with the understanding that it may take a while to generate and be very long to look through. I will add that to the list for consideration in an update.

  3. Eric

    Eric Beta Tester

    Something to help with this in a future update would be good indeed. Even little words (maybe especially little words) are important.

    I'm wondering, though, why does SS8's English Strong's Indexer show 5 instances of "at" being from G2596, and not 8? Seems it should not report at all rather than report what appears to me to be an incorrect number. It is true that the missing ones are later in the Bible, so maybe it just is picking the first 5? Is there some algorithm to this? Thanks!
  4. Brandon Staggs

    Brandon Staggs Administrator Staff Member

    The algorithm starts looking though verses for the English word you specify and tallies the results into the result tree as it goes, in canonical order. When it hits a preset limit, it simply stops filling in the result tree. You might notice that an NT-only ESI search for "at" shows examples only in the first few books of the New Testament and then shows the truncation warning.

    There is no pre-built database or index for ESI data. It is built on-the-fly based on the English word you provide, and it goes through the KJV in canonical order to build the results.

    I have logged this for improvement. Frankly, when the ESI was originally designed, there were memory considerations for the result view that just don't have much impact today. I will experiment with removing the limits and/or offering a non-truncated view of the search results for the ESI.

    Thanks for your feedback!
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