8.1 usability issues on older versions of Windows systems

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    I'm now stuck in a confusing and unproductive loop of usability issues since upgrading to 8.1 of SS.

    First off, the Set Active Verse is out of control. If I set one verse as Active, then set another verse active in the same bible panel, now they are BOTH highlighted, then 3, 4 or more highlighted in dull yellow and not able to clear the highlighting.


    See above image, there are two highlighted verses in the bible panel, and on it goes. Is that normal? and how to clear the highlighting? Where in Help window is this described?

    Finding text

    Next is to search for the phrase "strong delusion" in the bible panel which is clearly visible. Using either Ctrl+F or "Find in displayed text" from context menu, the search cannot find that phrase using any of the checked boxes. Also the Search dialog box is hidden behind the bible panel at first. Another click is need to bring it into view.

    What's more, I'm not able to CLEAR the Selection (blue highlighting) without a tap dance of clicking other verses and right/left mouse button pressing. This is very unusual behavior for Windows! I'm studying the software, not the bible every time now.

    Here's the SEARCH that can't find the phrase "strong delusion"..


    I hear from Brandon that IE needs to be upgraded to a later version. What is the minimum version of IE that will work?

    But doing so will wreak havoc with fonts in many of my existing applications, causing anti-aliasing and blurring* them which I'm very hesitant to do.

    * Note how sharp the fonts are in the screen caps above.

    Should I back out v8.1? These issues weren't so severe in v8.0. How about v7?


    OS is Win7, 64
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    Here's a few more screen caps.

    This is a search for `strongĀ“ in bible panel. That works ok.


    This is a search for `strong delusionĀ“ in bible panel. That does not work.


    It's working ok in the Commentaries panel:


    This is the Toggle Paragraph function in the Bibles panel: Off


    This is the Toggle Paragraph function in the Bibles panel: On


    ClearType fonts?

    If I turn on this function, it will blur fonts across many apps. I call it BlurType text. Lol


    Notice how sharp my screen fonts are. Love it that way.

  3. Ken Sturgeon

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    Greg, I'm unable to reproduce any of the issues you posted.
  4. Brandon Staggs

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    If you want to remain on a discontinued version of system components like Internet Explorer, which ties many of your system DLLs down to older versions, you will run into problems that have been fixed in later releases of those components. I can't really offer much help here until you allow your system to be updated to the current versions of the controls provided by Microsoft.

    For example, the problem of a duplicated "active verse" highlight is due to a bug in the MSHTML DLL on your system. That will work properly if you upgrade IE on your system to the currently supported version by Microsoft. You can do that here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/Internet-Explorer-11-for-Windows-7-details.aspx

    For the benefit of other readers: You don't have to use IE for this to matter. For older versions of Windows, Microsoft packages updates to certain system files with IE updates. Updating IE to the current version supported by Microsoft plugs security holes and also fixes bugs that can cause problems in paragraph mode and with highlighting, etc.

    As for the fonts, now that all computers come with LCD panels instead of CRTs, I guess Microsoft isn't supporting the disabling of Cleartype like they used to do. That's kind of outside of my control, sorry.
  5. Brandon Staggs

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    Just to be clear, since this is a public forum: these issues will not affect a normal Windows system that is kept up to date and with typical user settings.
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    I'm using Windows 7 (desktop) and Windows 10 (laptop) keeping up with the updates that are pushed out and SS works flawlessly on my machines. It's a great user experience. I used a different free bible app that was quite robust for many years but it wasn't until I purchased and started using SS that I actually feel like all of my notes in both commentary and book form are well organized. I love this application. Brandon, from my perspective, what this means is that you can't take off to heaven before me because I plan on using SS until that day!!
    God bless and thank you.
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    Ken, It's a know issue with IE8 which is what came `standardĀ“ with Win 7. Will likely go ahead and upgrade to IE11.

    I've made screen caps of the fonts as rendered with IE8, and from experience know that upgrading to the latest IE will cause fonts in many of my apps to become blurry. We'll be able to compare (or show) the difference if there's any.

    Brandon, Speaking of IE versions? what's the difference between the version of IE11 you posted above? and this version:


  8. Brandon Staggs

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    The link I posted is just what came up from a web search -- looks like you'd get the same thing either way.