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    First off, please excuse my lack of experience with the program. This is a head scratcher.

    Recall the FSL (Alt+L) for the term: μυστήριον

    The results are as follows:


    Then, if you search ONLY in SGreek, there's no results.

    Now do this search:

    Paste μυστήριον in Quick search (F3).


    No results!

    Was able to FIND related passages by:

    1. searching web (biblehub) for μυστήριον - -

    2. typing 3466 in the Quick search (F3) above (red arrow), or into the pull-down menu (left).

    3. then clicking Search for G3466 in KJVSL (red ellipse).

    THERE... it found 27 Verses!!

    What's happening here? Didn't FLS find these verses a couple days ago?


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  2. Brandon Staggs

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    The diacritical mark is encoded differently in the two different search/places. In one search, it is encoded with a single code point (the letter and acute mark as a single character ή), and in another, there are two code points (one for the letter η and the next for the acute mark ´ which is combined during layout as ή). So they do not return the same results.

    I would classify this as a bug because you do not get expected behavior, even if, technically, it is working since the input strings are different. Visually, you should be able to preform the search and see them all, regardless of how the text was logically specified.

    It should be possible to fix this in an update, and I have logged this as a bug.
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    Thanks for the quick and expert reply.

    I'm worried about being a pain in the neck, and would like to turn this around into something positive. Let's have a look.

    Again, here's the Webster's 1913 definition:


    Here are the Search results, with a little fine adjustment of the window size.. note all in the NT.


    And in another format suitable for presentation. Please take a few moments and READ that window.


    How profound.

    There are only a few people that I know that would understand it.