Duplicate Strong's Numbers

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  1. john45

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    I have noticed that the KJV module sometimes has duplicate Strong's numbers back to back. In the OT, this seems to be done for emphasis and is in the Hebrew. However, I am unable to discover why this would be done in the NT. I do not see these duplicates in the Greek text. Here is a list of nine from Acts:

    Act 5:12 wrought[G1096][G1096]
    Act 8:13 which were done[G1096][G1096].
    Act 11:11 where[G1722][G3739][G3739]
    Act 19:33 forward[G4261][G4261].
    Act 21:8 and came[G2064][G2064
    Act 22:25 they bound[G4385][G4385]
    Act 24:19 ought[G1163][G1163]
    Act 26:20 shewed[G518][G518]
    Act 27:29 we should have fallen[G1601][G1601]

    Any ideas about this?

  2. Brandon Staggs

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    I am hoping someone else will be able to give you the detailed answer to this, because my reference materials are all in boxes during a renovation of the office. I remember looking into these to ensure they are not errors, and these are correct. There is something signified by the double Strong's link but I can't recall what it means right now.:confused:
  3. Eric

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    I looked at it, but I don't know why there are doubles. Sorry.