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Discussion in 'Module Discussion' started by Regie, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. Regie

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    Do you think it would be good if there was a place in these SwordSearcher forums where we could post titles of things we are working or of titles we would like to see put into SwordSearcher?

    In my opinion, this would be good to try to eliminate more than one person working on the same thing at the same time and/or we might help each other out by combining of our work if we like what the other person is doing and if he/she wants to share the workload with us.

    I suppose this might be a good thing if any of us happen to live long enough to see some works come off copyright.

    These are just some thoughts of mine that I thought might be of some help in future modules for SwordSearcher.


    p.s. Pertaining to anything that I do, I know of nothing that I have done through the years that I would object to someone reformatting it and or correcting spelling or Bible text links and putting it all in better format and then putting it in their links on their site. Credits don't concern me at all.
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  2. I wondered about that too. I was going to offer a new user some help on transferring his topical notes... BUT I didn't know if or how the user book could be combined or merged. How do you do that? Thanks!
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  3. Brandon Staggs

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    There is no automated way to merge modules.
  4. Regie

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    I have combined things before by exporting 2 modules to Forge, completely removing all the heading stuff on one of them and then bringing them back in through Forge.
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