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Discussion in 'Future' started by Eric, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. Eric

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    I wonder how much work it would be, and if anyone else would benefit from this. I like to use various colors to highlight Bible text. However, sometimes I wish SwordSearcher would not highlight the spaces, unless I selected them. E.g., I select two words that make up a phrase and highlight them yellow. I also want to highlight the next word with the same color, but it is not part of that phrase so I don't want the space before word #3 highlighted. When I highlight word #3, the space between it and the two-word phrase automatically gets highlighted, too. I do want the space highlighted between the two-word phrase, but not between it and the third word.
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  2. Johnny NL

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    well, I just use another color, for this task......
    I have a color code, like Jesus words, I still keep, the light red. For prophecies, I use blue... and then yellow if I wanna emphases or underline....
    but that's just me...loll

    And by the way... I also made a KING JAMES paper copy of all me work with SS....
    every time, every study, every commentaries..... just in case of a major solar flare and the PC in no more usable.....
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