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  1. I was wondering if there is a way to search for words that are actually printed in the KJV that do have brackets such as "[?*]". Or return every word that is or is not in italics (doesn't matter) however... is printed with brackets around an italic (or not) word. such as the second half of 1Joh 2:23.

    1Jo 2:23 1jo223.png

    I can't solve this [puzzle,] because I'm puzzled. How can I find only bracketed words, or even the brackets themselves? (but not necessarily italic words)

    If you are still hanging in (able to understand my poor explanations) ... thank you!

    -- even Verse Click (giving you the KJV text as you hover the Bible reference I typed above) doesn't render the brackets that are printed and visible in SwordSearcher and printed Bibles--
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    That's the only verse that does this.

    The search you want to do is an edge-case (actually this verse is an edge-case!). You can do it this way:

    Search > Search Bible > Character String Search.

    Make the search text [[ (yes, two left brackets).

    Enable the Place italics in [brackets] option.

    It will only return the one verse where this happen. This does also happen in some marginal notes, but there is no way to include those in a character string search.
  3. And of course you did have a solution! :) I could have saved 2-3 or so hours of testing different searches and reading the manual and so on, but then I would have missed out on all learning of different ways to search that I hope to try more variations of now... so awesome-- Thank you for helping this near edge-case as well :confused: (some ~bibles put parenthesis (but) instead of brackets [but], and would make a bracket search even by SwordSearcher [[ return no hit) did I mention how much I appreciate your choice of KJB Text? --Thank you =spot on! :)
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