So SS8 is sweet :)

Discussion in 'General' started by Mobi, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Mobi

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    I just barely got around to updating my SS to version 8. I love the clean look and new features. I just discovered the "share" feature, where I can right click a verse, and share it to OneNote or Email or Facebook... I came back to windows OS for OneNote and SwordSearcher... after being a multi year Linux user.
    Thanks for this sweet combo-set-of-tools Brandon :D
    (ps I also really like the kjv-tsk amongst other additions and improvements after only a few days use! nice work sir!)
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  2. Rokas

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    Well, last six or so SwordSearcher releases were released in March, so expect updating your SS to 8.1 pretty soon with even more features. :)
    At least I do, awaiting eagerly and checking here everyday day...
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  3. Mobi

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    Great! It just keeps getting better; and since I see Brandon "liked" your comment ... I will be waiting with anticipation now too.!
  4. Mobi

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    Oh wait what is this... ?? I should have checked my email first!!! ;):):D:cool: Update is indeed on the way! Thank you and Thank you again Brandon!
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  5. Johnny NL

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    Man O man ! ! ! !
    What a release..... more, more, and more stuff coming in every time..... Long Life To SS8.1.... Amen
    Mr. Staggs, just be blessed for that wonderful work.... AGAIN !!!
  6. Johnny NL

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    • Added "+/-" buttons to Commentary and Book panels that appear when there are match highlights in the text, from Verse Guide, Topic Guide, and Library Searches. This is a visual representation of the +/- keyboard support for cycling through highlighted matches in the Book and Commentary panels.
    I dunno what i do wrong... i cannot see them new buttons ! ! ! :(
  7. Brandon Staggs

    Brandon Staggs Administrator Staff Member

    The new +/- buttons are only visible if you are viewing highlighted search results in the book or commentary panel. Use the verse guide to click on a book or commentary and you should see them appear like this:


    They just help you see the search terms highlighted. Usually with the verse guide there is only one place that is highlighted so they don't move anything unless you've scrolled away. But from a full library search they will move between the matches in the book/commentary entry:

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  8. Johnny NL

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    SIR!!!... Thank you very much, i just figured it out as you were sending this quote !!!!
    Evey time is the same...(you should know me by now ! Lolll) TOOOO much stuff to try on, and i miss few rules and comments....:eek:... Too many things to look at.... all at the same time.!!!! Like a kid at Christmas morning !!!! Same ol'new GOOD feeling !!!!
    Thanks.... i'll try not to disturb anymore today !!! :)
    BTW.... high light mode........ A W E S O M E !!!!!!
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