SwordSearcher 7.0 Deluxe hotfix 1 (free update)

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  1. Brandon Staggs

    Brandon Staggs Administrator Staff Member

    For users of SwordSearcher 7.0 only:

    A small, free "hotfix" update is available.

    What is a hotfix?

    A hotfix is a small update that addresses very specific bugs in a release.

    What is fixed in this update?

    After 7.0 was released, a problem was discovered which prevented right-click menus from working correctly when the text panel zoom was anything other than 100%. This update fixes the problem. There are no other changes in this update.

    How do I get the Hotfix?

    Open SwordSearcher 7, click the Help menu, and select "Check for updates." Click the link in the page that loads to download the update and install it. That's all.

    After installing the update, your version number will read

    Again, This update is for users of 7.0 only. Thank you!
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  2. ishaknatan

    ishaknatan Beta Tester

    Thanks. I have checked it and every thing goes smoothly . . .
  3. Johnny NL

    Johnny NL Active Member

    Thank you SIR....
    Works A-1 !!!!
  4. Ruthlyn

    Ruthlyn Beta Tester

    Done! Thanks Brandon
  5. Pastor Don

    Pastor Don Beta Tester

    Updated, no problems.