SwordSearcher 8.1 Released

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    Blogged this here.

    This is always one of my favorite things to do every new year: announce a new SwordSearcher release! Version 8.1 is now available and brings several enhancements and some new library content.

    Be sure to read the Upgrade FAQ if you are already a SwordSearcher user.

    What’s New in SwordSearcher 8.1
    New Modules:

    • J. C. Ryle’s Expository Thoughts on the Gospels (4 vol. commentary) [RyleETG]
    • Ellicott’s Bible Commentary for English Readers (8 vol. commentary edited by Charles J. Ellicott) [Ellicott]
    • Through the Bible Day by Day (7 vol. devotional commentary by F. B. Meyer) [MeyerTTB]

    • By popular request, library tabs no longer change position to force the active tab to appear on the bottom row of tabs. (This is optional in preferences.)
    • New StudyClick function: Ctrl-Clicking a module link (like from the Bible margin) loads the module entry in a clone panel instead of the main library panels.
    • Added full support for Windows “High Contrast” mode:
      • The optional High Contrast setting in Windows 8 and 10 is an easy system-wide toggle (left Alt + left Shift + PrintScreen) that changes the way applications appear when you need to have less color or a black background. It’s a good option for those late nights when your monitor is shining too brightly in your eyes. SwordSearcher now supports this display mode 100%! Please see Microsoft’s documentation on High Contrast Mode for more details on using this accessibility mode in Windows.
    • Added “+/-” buttons to Commentary and Book panels that appear when there are match highlights in the text, from Verse Guide, Topic Guide, and Library Searches.
    • The following have been updated with corrections:
      • TSK and KJV-TSK
      • Web1913 (Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary 1913)
      • ISBE (International Standard Bible Encyclopedia)
        • Rebuilt from a new source text incorporating thousands of corrections and formatting improvements.
        • Some missing entries have been restored.
        • Greek and Hebrew text from the original work is now included.
        • Significant improvements to verse linking.
      • KJVSL
      • SGreek and SHebrew dictionaries
      • SRV, SRVSL updated to Jan 2017 text.
      • TR
      • WH
    • Added search results Verse List right-click popup menu copy option: Copy selected text including highlighting. Use this when you want to include the bold/background formatting of the matches in the text.
    • Editor font list most-recently-used persists between editor loads in the same SwordSearcher session.
    • Various enhancements to the following SwordSearcher features and tools:
      • Verse reference recognition.
      • Scan Text for Verse References tool.
      • Printer Page Setup (File menu).
      • High-DPI and Multi-DPI support improvements.
      • Bible Search Result Information and Statistics window.
      • Main search bar.
      • Bookmark system.
      • Forward/Back navigation handling.
      • Clone panel scroll position.
    • Many additional optimizations and bug fixes. More details can be read here.
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    Congrats on a fine release! So many neat features! :)
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    Ooooooo..... Happiness, and joy fills my heart today...... :D
    Thanks... great release !!!!!
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    My favorite: "Copy selected text with highlighting".
    Thanks, Bro. Brandon!!!
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    I really like the printer page set up option :) (along with the other cool features) I can set "print" font size, and keep colors and save it all as a PDF. Just what I wanted THANK YOU!

    SS certainly does preserve file permissions too! I installed it with an admin account, but use a "standard user" account for everyday use. It took me a while to figure out what I messed up :confused: so that I couldn't edit my user note files. I had pointed the standard user SS8.1, to access the admin user Sword Searcher User Modules... which were defaulted to "read only" on my standard user. By selecting "module info" on the offending un-editable user module; SS8.1 gave me all the info I needed to find and fix my problem. Very well thought out Sir --very well indeed!!