SwordSearcher 8.1 Released

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  1. Brandon Staggs

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    Blogged this here.

    This is always one of my favorite things to do every new year: announce a new SwordSearcher release! Version 8.1 is now available and brings several enhancements and some new library content.

    Be sure to read the Upgrade FAQ if you are already a SwordSearcher user.

    What’s New in SwordSearcher 8.1
    New Modules:

    • J. C. Ryle’s Expository Thoughts on the Gospels (4 vol. commentary) [RyleETG]
    • Ellicott’s Bible Commentary for English Readers (8 vol. commentary edited by Charles J. Ellicott) [Ellicott]
    • Through the Bible Day by Day (7 vol. devotional commentary by F. B. Meyer) [MeyerTTB]

    • By popular request, library tabs no longer change position to force the active tab to appear on the bottom row of tabs. (This is optional in preferences.)
    • New StudyClick function: Ctrl-Clicking a module link (like from the Bible margin) loads the module entry in a clone panel instead of the main library panels.
    • Added full support for Windows “High Contrast” mode:
      • The optional High Contrast setting in Windows 8 and 10 is an easy system-wide toggle (left Alt + left Shift + PrintScreen) that changes the way applications appear when you need to have less color or a black background. It’s a good option for those late nights when your monitor is shining too brightly in your eyes. SwordSearcher now supports this display mode 100%! Please see Microsoft’s documentation on High Contrast Mode for more details on using this accessibility mode in Windows.
    • Added “+/-” buttons to Commentary and Book panels that appear when there are match highlights in the text, from Verse Guide, Topic Guide, and Library Searches.
    • The following have been updated with corrections:
      • TSK and KJV-TSK
      • Web1913 (Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary 1913)
      • ISBE (International Standard Bible Encyclopedia)
        • Rebuilt from a new source text incorporating thousands of corrections and formatting improvements.
        • Some missing entries have been restored.
        • Greek and Hebrew text from the original work is now included.
        • Significant improvements to verse linking.
      • KJVSL
      • SGreek and SHebrew dictionaries
      • SRV, SRVSL updated to Jan 2017 text.
      • TR
      • WH
    • Added search results Verse List right-click popup menu copy option: Copy selected text including highlighting. Use this when you want to include the bold/background formatting of the matches in the text.
    • Editor font list most-recently-used persists between editor loads in the same SwordSearcher session.
    • Various enhancements to the following SwordSearcher features and tools:
      • Verse reference recognition.
      • Scan Text for Verse References tool.
      • Printer Page Setup (File menu).
      • High-DPI and Multi-DPI support improvements.
      • Bible Search Result Information and Statistics window.
      • Main search bar.
      • Bookmark system.
      • Forward/Back navigation handling.
      • Clone panel scroll position.
    • Many additional optimizations and bug fixes. More details can be read here.
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  2. marty

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    Congrats on a fine release! So many neat features! :)
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  3. Johnny NL

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    Ooooooo..... Happiness, and joy fills my heart today...... :D
    Thanks... great release !!!!!
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    My favorite: "Copy selected text with highlighting".
    Thanks, Bro. Brandon!!!
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  5. I really like the printer page set up option :) (along with the other cool features) I can set "print" font size, and keep colors and save it all as a PDF. Just what I wanted THANK YOU!

    SS certainly does preserve file permissions too! I installed it with an admin account, but use a "standard user" account for everyday use. It took me a while to figure out what I messed up :confused: so that I couldn't edit my user note files. I had pointed the standard user SS8.1, to access the admin user Sword Searcher User Modules... which were defaulted to "read only" on my standard user. By selecting "module info" on the offending un-editable user module; SS8.1 gave me all the info I needed to find and fix my problem. Very well thought out Sir --very well indeed!!
  6. Sandy Warner

    Sandy Warner Member

    Hi Brandon, I totally LOVE Sword Searcher and it is by far the most used software I have outside of MS Word. I have it opened several times a day. I wanted to let you know that the list of the most recent updates was difficult to understand without at least a graphic showing us where and what you are talking about. I purchased the newest update (and probably will always purchase updates simply because I love SS) for the $24... merely for the fact that the tabs now stay put... praise the Lord for that!
    However I felt it was a bit steep of a price to pay for that one feature such simply because I dont recognize the worth of all the other things you listed simply due to not being able to picture it.
    The biggest one I would like to understand at this time is this one:
    • Added “+/-” buttons to Commentary and Book panels that appear when there are match highlights in the text, from Verse Guide, Topic Guide, and Library Searches.
    I dont know how to access that at all and only have a faint idea of its purpose. Can you help?

    My biggest feedback is that from now on when you charge money for an update, I would highly suggest creating a video. It would be very helpful. Thanks so much.
  7. wsbones

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    Brandon can give you a better answer.

    An example- If you use the F3 function key to search a book that you have highlighted in the book and dictionary window, and there are multiple "hits" of the search word, the + or 1 icon will show up. Then you can go up or down through the topic using the icon to find the next or previous occurrence.

    Try this: Click on the Easton book tab. The hit F3 and enter redemption. In the search result click on the Redemption topic. You should now see the + and - icons on the book toolbar. See image below:
  8. Sandy Warner

    Sandy Warner Member

    Wow Brandon I am SO glad I asked! Thank you for taking the time to make me the graphic, that worked for me. Thank you for your patience. I am amazed that I can use the
    “+/-“ icons to find multiple entries of a search word within the same document!!! I cant tell you how long I have wanted that one feature! Yes, well worth the upgrade expense! Thanks again!
  9. Sandy Warner

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    I wasnt able to figure out how to keep the verse highlighted in color when copying it:
    • Added search results Verse List right-click popup menu copy option: Copy selected text including highlighting. Use this when you want to include the bold/background formatting of the matches in the text.
  10. Brandon Staggs

    Brandon Staggs Administrator Staff Member

    You're welcome. Actually the feature has been there for many many releases and it was documented, but very few understood they could do it by pressing the +/- keys on the keyboard so the toolbar buttons make it more discoverable.

    Do a Bible search and then mark some text in the results and right-click. You'll see the option on the menu like this:


    Of course in order to see the highlighting in the pasted text the application you paste into has to support the formatting. It works in MS Word.

    If you don't see this working when you paste, check to see that you haven't forced plain-text paste mode in File, Preferences, Misc. Options, under Advanced Clipboard Settings.

    Just to be clear, program feature updates from a minor version bump, like 8.0 to 8.1, are free. See the Upgrade FAQ here.

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  11. Sandy Warner

    Sandy Warner Member

    Thank you Brandon, I had already purchased vs 8 on 3/15/16 last year. I guess I didnt find where to get the free download. The link I went from was seeing if there was an update from within SS.

    I dont know if there is a glitch but I do have my options correct:

    And the option in the right click for copying is not listed:

  12. Brandon Staggs

    Brandon Staggs Administrator Staff Member

    That doesn't look like a pop-up menu from search results. Since search result highlighting only exists in a verse list that is loaded from a search result, that is the only place you'll see the option. Please try doing a Bible search and then mark text with the search word highlighted and then right-click that.
  13. Sandy Warner

    Sandy Warner Member

    Thank you for clarifying Brandon. I was thinking that the copy included highlighted text in different colors choices, and not the word highlighted text found in the search box.
  14. Brandon Staggs

    Brandon Staggs Administrator Staff Member

  15. Sandy Warner

    Sandy Warner Member

    Thankyou. I noticed the video on that page and it was helpful! I am just so grateful for your work on SS. It has been the most useful tool I have in my daily life.
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